Board of Trustees/Administration

In accordance with ORC ยง 3375.15, Mount Gilead Public Library is "under the control and management of a board of library trustees consisting of seven members."

Regular Board Meetings
Regular Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 4:00 pm at the library annex meeting room.

Special, Emergency, and Committee Meetings
In the event that a special, emergency, or committee meeting is scheduled, a notice will be posted on the public bulletin board in the library and on the library's event calendar.

If you have a concern and would like to be added to the Boards Agenda, please fill out the form below and submit in person or by email to

Tracy Smith, President

Rhonda Dettra, Vice President

Julie Wick, Secretary

Barbara Sherbourne

Cheryl Sumner

Tim Picard

Jodi Seaburn

Melissa Kipp,  Director- Fiscal Officer


Updated August 2022

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