1000 Books Before Kindergarten

  MGPL's Little Safari Readers


Calling all children and caregivers! You’re invited to join us at MGPL for our little safari readers program! Children that are either going into Kindergarten or are up to 6 years old can participate in reading 1000 books for prizes and free books! Each time you and your child read a book it will be colored in on a log. Each log is for 100 books! After every 100 books you read together, your child will receive a prize. After you complete the program by reading 1000 books, your child will receive extra special prizes for completing our program!

We know 1000 books seems like a lot…but if you and your child read one book a night every night, you will read over 1000 books in three years!

How to participate:

· Pick up a log on 1st floor, and sign up with one of our librarians.

· Read! Whether it’s the same book over and over again, or 1000 different books, all that matters is the connection you are making with your child and the lasting impact of literacy it will have on their lives!

· Fill out your log! Just color in the amount of bubbles that you read in books, and once you read and color 100 bubbles turn it in!

· Turn it in to one of our librarians on first, claim your prize, and pick up your next log. It’s that easy!

· Once your child reads 1000 books, they can claim their prizes and certificate, receive the invitation, and then get their picture taken to be put on the MGPL Safari Readers Wall of Fame!


· 100 books: Free book!

· 200 books: Free book!

· 300 books: Free book!

· 400 books: Free book!

· 500 books: Free book and prize from our prize bin!

· 600 books: Free book!

· 700 books: Free book!

· 800 books: Free book!

· 900 books: Free book!

· 1000 books: Free book, MGPL Safari Readers Backpack, certificate and invitation to the graduation party! Plus, their photo on the MGPL Safari Readers Wall of Fame!

More great ways to read!

· Attend our weekly Storytime’s!

.Tiny tots: Every Tuesday at 11am, ages 0-3

. Storytime: Every Wednesday at 11am, ages 3-5

· Sign your child up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

· Find suggestions for books to read with your child Here.

                                                                                               Happy Reading!